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Best Pool Equipment Repair Services in Mckinney TX

A pool can be an exciting addition to a home, providing a private oasis for summer fun, hosting parties, and creating cherished memories with loved ones. But with pool ownership comes the responsibility of upkeep which can be a significant financial and time commitment.

At first, glance, maintaining a pool may appear straightforward: skim the surface, add some chemicals, and the task is complete. The simplicity of the process may tempt new pool owners to save money by doing it themselves. However, this DIY approach is often a costly mistake in the long run. That’s why Patriot Pool Service recommends hiring a professional.

Pool Equipment Maintenance Steps

You might need to be made aware of the amount of time you spend on pool maintenance, or you might be overlooking certain important tasks. After reviewing these responsibilities, you may understand why you seem to fall behind on maintenance and why you experience recurring issues such as algae and equipment problems.

  • Skimming Pool

Your pool’s skimmer may not be able to catch all debris that floats on the water’s surface, and based on the pool’s design, wreckage may settle at the bottom and clog the drain. Skimming is crucial for keeping the pool swimmable throughout the season.

  • Scrubbing Pool Surfaces

Simply vacuuming debris is not enough to maintain a clean pool free of algae, dirt, and stains. Regularly scrubbing the walls, floor, and steps is necessary, even if you have a robotic pool cleaner, as manual scrubbing ensures more effective cleaning.

  • Pool Repair in Mckinney TX Vacuuming Pool

A pool cleaner may clean the pool as effectively as a professional. It is a time-consuming and meticulous process. Most pool owners would rather spend time enjoying their pool than laboriously walking around trying to vacuum debris without disturbing the water.

  • Pool pump repair in Mckinney TX Maintaining Pool Pump System

Adequate maintenance of pool equipment is critical for its longevity. Regularly emptying baskets and inspecting and cleaning pipes and electrical components are necessary tasks to preserve the life of your pool pump. These tasks can be hazardous and best performed by professionals.

The filtration system plays a vital role in keeping the water in your pool clear and safe. Neglecting to clean or backwash a filter can lead to a damaged pool pump or heater, whereas changing filters too frequently can result in wasted money.

  • Testing Pool Water

Regular testing of pool water is crucial, but cloudy or discolored water can be caused by issues outside the scope of a typical test kit. Without the proper knowledge, it can be difficult to know what specific tests are needed and if the problem is related to equipment or chemicals.

  • Managing Pool Chemicals

The process of water testing may reveal what actions are required to keep your pool in top condition. It’s not always as straightforward as just adding soda ash or chlorine. Additional treatments, such as shock or algaecide, may be needed. Trust the experts to inform you when it’s safe to take a dip.

Pick the Right Pool Maintenance Professional – Patriot Pool Service

Is your swimming pool no longer functioning at optimal levels? Are unusual sounds emanating from your pool equipment? Allow the experts at Patriot Pool Service to diagnose the issue with your pool machinery. Addressing problems promptly can save you both time and money in the long run. 

When seeking professional assistance, make sure to select a reputable provider. You’ll only reap the benefits of a pool service if you possess the necessary skills and knowledge. Trust us; professional pool maintenance costs are well worth it when done properly. 

Contact us for pool equipment repair in Mckinney TX. Discuss your pool equipment maintenance needs and discover the advantages of hiring a professional pool service for cleaning, repairs, and inspections.

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* Responsible for keeping all pool equipment operational and running.

Pool Cleaning Services

We perform full service pool cleaning in McKinney and Collin County, equipment inspection, and routine pool maintenance on a weekly basis. From December to March we offer Bi-Monthly Pool Service for a reduce price.


We have experience cleaning and servicing pools. We are CPO Certified in proper swimming pool service procedures, and a clean background. Also, we are insured thru IPSSA, and CPI Compliant for all Credit Card Information.

We also offer Bi-Weekly (Twice a Week) Services  when your pool looks like these between visits …

About Our Service Plans

We offer three pool cleaning plans to meet your needs: The Basic Service is included in the  Gold and Platinum Service.

  • The Gold Service plan: Provides you with a peace of mind against any kind of Algae. We will take care of Green, Yellow (Mustard) or Black Algae. The Black algae is the hardest algae to get rid of. You can get Black Algae even if you maintain proper chemical balance.
  • The Platinum Service plan: You don’t have to worry about your Filter Cleans or some other pool items. We Got This !


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(214) 475-3136

With any of our service plans, we will perform a pool equipment inspection and a Pool Cleaner is Required.

You are responsible for keeping all your pool equipment operational and running on schedule. 

You should run your equipment: Winter 6-8 hrs. Spring 8-10 hrs. Summer 10-12 hrs.

All these hours are during the Day (Not at Night). The Sun has a big affect on the chlorine via its ultraviolet (UV) rays. The rays actually cause the chlorine to dissipate.  You can lost a lot of chlorine due to a bright sunny day, solely from the sun’s UV rays.  This is the reason why it is so important that you run your equipment during the day so your pool’s water circulates and the sunlight doesn’t evaporate  that much chlorine.

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We’re offering weekly pool service at great prices!

Standard chemicals are included with all of our services for your convenience.

We keep your pool clean so you can enjoy it!
Bi-Monthly Pool Service in the winter


We can resolve most problems within a day or two for your convenience.


Water Balancing and Pool Chemical Analysis and Adjustments

Standard chemicals are included with all of our services for your convenience. We keep your pool clean so you can enjoy it!

Don’t let your pool turn into a swamp!